Jan Morrill Writes

My Broken Dolls characters spoke to me loud and clear this week, and here’s what they collectively said:

“Oh, no, you don’t. Just where do you think you’re going? You get yourself right back here and listen to us!”

You see, I had decided to take a little break from the sequel I’m working on, Broken Dreams, which includes the same characters, Sachi, Nobu, Terrence and Jubie. I thought I’d give the romance genre a try, and had been working on a short story or novella, whichever it turned out to be.

Unfortunately, writer’s block set in in terrible fashion. I’d write a sentence, erase it. Write a sentence, re-write it. Though my mind was filled with how I wanted to story to go, I let various distractions (non-writerly responsibilities, the Internet, other writerly responsibilities, the Internet, my dogs, the Internet, the garden, the Internet) keep me from putting…

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