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What is the purpose of a synopsis? Yeah, I know, it’s a summary of the 400-page manuscript you’ve been slaving over for the past year (or 3 or 5.) I get that. The agent/editor/publisher needs to know what the book is about without having to slog through the entire document–especially if it isn’t their genre. My question is why the hell does it have to be in the format they require?

Why can’t it be an outline or a chapter-by-chapter breakdown? Regardless if your book is written in first person/past tense, the synopsis has to be in third person/present tense.  What the heck is that all about?

Even though, I toiled for hours to get the best paragraph EVER to describe Ex-Ray in my query letter, I can’t use it in my synopsis.  Shoot, I could have written a third of a novel in the time I spent on that…

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