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Saturday I attended WordCamp 2012 and learned all kinds of new things about WordPress, search engine optimization, social media marketing, copyright, entrepreneurship, keywords, Google Analytics . . . is your brain about to explode yet?  It was a lot of information to take in. I loved what marketing maven and organizer of the event, Angela Belford, said about the amount of information presented: “It’s like trying to take a drink of water from a fire hydrant.”

But, I’ve already made a few changes to my mashup as a result. Can you pick them out?

  • I’m using bullets
  • I’m using headers with keywords people might search for
  • I’ve added those keywords to my tags
  • I’ve added links to my own blogs
  • I’ll post this link to my Facebook Author Page first, and will “share” it to my Facebook…

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Pamela Foster, Author and Speaker

Ever wish you had a do-over button?  Oops.  Did those words actually fly from the dark ratty crevasse of my soul out into the light of day?

Do Over.

I’m not talking about those sharp-edged, curved blades of anger thrown at loved ones in the heat of an argument over who ate the last fudge bar.

No.  I’m talking about re-writing personal history.  See, I think, at least in my case, I actually have a do-over button.  It’s limited in scope and power, I’ll give you that.  But, evidently, when I say or do something that I know perfectly well is wrong, I simply edit the behavior and repeat the story, as soon as possible, to someone else.

Let me give you a quick example.

The other day I made a comment to an acquaintance about one of my closest friends.  It wasn’t a mean comment, but I phrased it…

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Courage, fear and enchantment — all mashed together!

Jan Morrill Writes

A creativecombination
from differentsources.


I arrived home late last night from my dad’s side family reunion in Kentucky. As usual, I had a wonderful time and absorbed lots of new story ideas from the memory-filled conversations. I am blessed to be a part of the Marler clan! Here’s a picture of my dad and his siblings:

And here’s a picture of some of the next generation — my crazy cousins:

Okay, thank you for allowing my brief indulgence into reminiscing. On to the mashup!

# # #

On the blog, Novel Spaces, Dayton Ward posts a thought-provoking article on “Selling Yourself.” I’ll admit, I first began reading it in the hopes he’d have a list of suggestions, as I love lists. However, the article was more about his challenges, which are similar to mine. But, many of his comments include…

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