Truths by Ruth


Being a professional, published writer, I love titles.  Titles, in my opinion, are the bread and butter of starting a story.  Titles lurk everywhere.  Take this morning, for example.

I live in a country setting.  Deer, fox, racoons, and even Big Foot make the woods around my house, home.  The trash bin sits down in a little hollow.  Every morning, I ease down the  trail wondering what animal I’ll see.  One morning. I saw a coyote, a white one.  I was thrilled.

This morning, Alvin the Chipmunk and Peter Rabbit were hanging out together. Ding! Ding! Ding!  What a great title!

Chipmunk and Rabbit:  A Tale of two unlikely friends and the Adventures they Share  Hmm . . . sounds like an award winning children’s story for sure.

Bored with your day?  Look for titles, they’re waiting to be shared.



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