Collaboration or Catastrophe?

Would you like a recipe for catastrophe?  Combine five, very distinctive and opinionated women writers, fold in unique writing styles, shift in a myriad of different genres. Beat it together to pour out a unified presentation.

You’d think you’d have a catastrophe, right? Five hard-headed women with strong hearts with nothing in common besides the love writing and for each other.

Well, the Sisterhood’s gathering resulted in laughter and….of course…a kick ass presentation.

Trust me, we’re well aware that we’d get a lot more work done if we’d just shut up and work instead of rolling on the floor laughing.

I think this is good insight into the behind-the-scenes of a Sisterhood meeting.

Love this one. It shows who we are so well. Ruthie has said something extremely off color–check out the grin on her face. You know it had to be good for Pam to have a surprised look on her face. Jan, is secretly thinking “God, I wish I could’ve said that out loud!” Linda is being Linda…appreciating anything and everything. I was laughing too hard to make it into the picture.

I made it into this picture, but as you can see none of us could take it very seriously.

I’m not sure what we were thinking, but you have to admit Jan looks pretty darn sexy on that table!

Don’t ask. It doesn’t take us long to slip into goofball mode.

Hot Damn! Bigfoot!!


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