Guess Whose Bag

One of the many topics of conversation that came up during the first leg of our trip from Fayetteville. Arkansas to Bandera, Texas was a discussion of what each of us packed. (Doubtful we’ll be blogging about many of our other topics, but stay tuned, just in case!)

Anyway, before we moved on to our next topic of conversation, we decided this would be a fun opportunity for a contest.

All you have to do is pick which suitcase belongs to which member of the Sisterhood:

  • Patty
  • Linda
  • Pam
  • Jan
  • Ruth

Just list your guess with your comments like this:

Patty-1, Linda-2, Pam-3, Jan-4, Ruth-5

Now, we’re pretty sure some of the photos are a dead giveaway. But, can you guess the others?

If there is more than one correct guess, we’ll put the entries into a genuine Texas cowboy hat and draw a name.

Winner gets a Sisterhood book of their choosing, either print or EBook. (See “Our Books” tab for selections.)

Good luck!
Deadline is 5:00 p.m., Monday, October 15







7 thoughts on “Guess Whose Bag

  1. OK, let’ see what I can do with this task. Pam – 1, because she’s the colorful sister; Linda – 2, as the likliest student of swine husbandry; Ruth – 3, always the hostess with treats for all the rest; Patty – 4, deprived of her kitchen and stove hence dependent on the (inferior) cuilinary efforts of others; and Jan – 5, subdued and organized because her mother taught her to never wear holey underwear lest she be in an accident and offend the emergency medical personnel. So how many did I get? Just for fun, because I already have a hat.

  2. 1. Ruth (that looks like a Tarot book. She’s the spooky one.)
    2. Patty (she’s got all of those sweet potatoes. Pigs love those.)
    3. Pam. (she’s got a drink ready in case she runs across Big Foot she
    can celebrate)
    4. Linda. (I think I’ve heard her sigh when chocolate was mentioned, and
    she hugs notebooks to her bosom like a secret lover.)
    5. Jan. (She oozes neatness and organization.)

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