Truths by Ruth

Life is like a pressure cooker on low just itching to explode.  Thankfully, God in his wisdom, gave us humans pressure-release valves to keep us from blowing sky-high, such as great joy, fun, laughter, and friendship.

This past week I attended The Wild Rose Press writing retreat in Bandera, Texas. Four of my bestest friends in the whole-wide world went with me.  The Sisterhood of the traveling Pen, as we call ourselves, is my biggest pressure-release valve.  These creative, strong, wonderful women make be laugh until I hurt.   Usually they don’t mean too.  Sometimes they stare at me in wonder while I roll on the floor, clutch my stomach, and laugh so hard I’m in danger of peeing my pants.  It isn’t so much what they say, but how they say it.  Their wit, sarcasm, spontaneity, and timing bounce of the walls.  The moments can never be duplicated.  You have to be there to understand.  But trust me when…

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