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Truths by Ruth


Book of the Year!


March 2011, my dream of becoming a published author came true.  November 2012 Soldiers From the Mist was voted Book of The Year by the Ozark Writers League in Branson, Missouri.

Soldiers From theMist is a ghost story, love story, and an adventure all rolled into one.  The story was told to me by the ghost of a Civil War soldier that haunted my house.  Soldiers is a story that centers around the power of three:   “Three men.  Three promises–two were broken; one should have been. Thirty-five souls are trapped for eternity because of those promises. These souls wait and search for the fourth promise that will set them free.”

Dusty Richards, winner of the 2010 Wrangler Book Award, two Spur Awards, and over 100 published books to his name, says this about my book:  “Frown, laugh and cry. Ruth has them all between these…

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