An Interview with Writer’s Block

How can this guy be in so many places at once?

Jan Morrill Writes

It has now been three months and two days since I’ve written a single word on Broken Dreams, the sequel to The Red Kimono. And other than a few blog posts and a few haiku, I’ve written nothing to speak of.

Granted, the last few months have been hectic, frenetic and just a little chaotic with book signings, presentations, fulfilling miscellaneous obligations AND moving to Dallas in anticipation of the birth of my first grandchild. Still, I have to place the real blame on the creature we all know as Writer’s Block. How do I know this? Because in the week following Thanksgiving, even though I’m all settled into my new home and have few responsibilities to fulfill other than waiting by the phone for news that my daughter-in-law has gone into labor, I haven’t written anything.

writer block

So, I’ve decided to interview this unwelcome visitor who is no…

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