After YEARS of writing, I finally have a novel coming out! I’m an author!

No . . . wait . . . I’ve been an author for a long time. An author is one who originated or gave existence to any written work, Hey, I’ve been doing that for at least eighteen years. I’ll admit that in the early years most of what I wrote wasn’t publishable. However, with time and great mentors, I did get published.

If you are writing, you are an author. Don’t be discouraged by the jubilant announcements of your fellow writers that they’ve been accepted, gotten an agent, or sold an article. Rejoice with them! Your day WILL COME. I know. I used to say that the day I sell a novel, pigs will fly. Well, September 19, 2014 is the world-wide release date for my novel, Women of Washington Avenue, published by Wild Rose Press. It is the first book in my Moonlight Mississippi series.

So watch your heads, THE PIGS ARE FLYING. And they will for you too if you keep writing and submitting.

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