Speaking Topics

Our Mission:

To share our journey with writers in all stages of writing,
so they may tell their stories—whether fiction or nonfiction,
and achieve their writerly dreams.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pen will customize topics for any organization’s needs.  Here are a few we currently offer:

Whose Head Are You In?   Point of View

What is point of view?  How can it strengthen your story?  Learn and reinforce POV through discussion, skits and writing exercises.

Make ‘Em Smell the Coffee: Sense of Place

Your reader has five senses.  Using discussion and writing exercises, tap into the senses to create a world readers will enter and experience.

Interviewing Your Characters

Whether over a martini or a cup of coffee, a writer can interview their characters to add dimension and depth, so that readers will not only read, but experience the story.

Trimming the Fat from Your Story

Is your story flabby?  Full of passive verbs?  Too many adverbs or adjectives?  Wasted words?  Learn how to trim the “fat” with discussion and writing exercises.

Thawing Writer’s Freeze

The road to publication is scattered with obstacles that freeze our brains and leave our fingers cold on the keys.  Through discussion and writing exercises, break through these barriers.


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