Big Foot Pam & Dixie Dandelion Ride Again

lone ranger 1

This coming weekend, June 28 and 29, Pam and I are hitting the trail to St. Louis. Pam is speaking at Saturday Writers. After this, she and I will be doing book signings at: All on the Same Page bookstore (great name for a book store) on Friday from 3-5 and on Saturday we will be at The Book House from 3-5.  I’ll be doing tarot readings at The Book House and am charged up over that.

I think there is a saying about the destination isn’t important, it’s the journey that counts. This isn’t the first road trip Pam and I have taken together, and I can testify the journey is always an adventure. Pam and her GPS are joined at the hip. This relationship can, and has, caused some challenges to say the least.

One of the main problems is we get to talking and laughing and don’t hear what that monotone lady on that-there dee-vise is saying. They need to make one that screams at you. “Shut up! Turn here, stupid!

Another problem, or challenge, is when we get off the beaten path to make a pit stop. I swear to God, I held my pee all the way from the Oklahoma State line to Oklahoma City because we couldn’t find a place to pull over that agreed with the GPS. Coming home we stopped to get gas in what had to be the worst part of this little town. No kidding, I took the credit card and stood with the cashier, who happened to be in a store with bars on the windows while Pam struggled with the gas pump.The attendent finally had to go out and help Pam which left me in the store wondering who was going to rob it first, the bag lady or the punked out, hoodie guy. It took forever to pump the gas but only seconds for Pam and I to burn rubber out that place.

Now, you would think these little mini-adventures would stress us out. And they do. At the time But. We get tickled and start to laugh. And that is the best thing about riding shotgun with Big Foot Pam.

If I were driving, we’d die. GPS or not. We would just die. I zone out behind the wheel. Honest to God, I’m a looney-tune when I drive. I know that about myself which is why I don’t drive on long road trips. So, I am forever grateful to Pam or Jan, Patty or Linda for taking the reins Besides, these little happenings along the way make for priceless memories and wonderful blog posts.

This year has been kinda rough for the Sisterhood. Life got in our way. All of us are busy facing challenges that have kept the five of us apart. We hate it.There are events in the works that will unite us and the Sisterhood will ride again however. Until then, we do what we must.

I can’t wait for this weekend. The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Tonto had the Lone Ranger. Big Foot Pam and I have each other.

Missouri is the “show me state.” So look out, St Louis. Here comes Big Foot and Dixie.