Ode to the Pterodactyl

Truths by Ruth


Last week the Sisterhood, (Jan Morrill, Linda Apple, and I) held a writing retreat at Spider Creek Resort just outside Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The place was beautiful. Our cabin was better than some hotel rooms I’ve stayed in. On Saturday morning the three of us went “walk-about” with our pens and paper tucked in with our cell phones. The exercise that morning was to observe things we could later write about.
For those of you not familiar with this area, it is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Beaver Dam. Years ago Dinosaur World was a huge attraction for people going to the dam. Today, however, Dinosaur World is gone. But. The ghosts of ancient prehistoric ones still roam. This is what I saw that morning and what I wrote:

Ode to the Pterodactyl

In the golden hour when day is neither dawn nor dusk,
They ruled the…

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Behind the Scenes

Truths by Ruth

moon and woman

My new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon is out! Available from both Amazon and Pen-L Publishing. So, what’s next? My book launch of course.

Not to ruin or give away secrets, but I’m busy rehearsing my presentation for the book launch. Right now I’m doubting. I’m sure everything will come off easy and smooth, but what my friends and coworkers won’t know is how many hours I spend making this happen.

First, I had to write down everything I want to say, which is quite a lot. I usually outline the process. I learned how to outline in Junior High. I liked it. Was good at it. Most of my school mates hated outlines but for some unknown reason, an outline clicked for me. Quite a few writers outline their books. I don’t go this far. I’m a seat-of-pants kind of writer. But when it comes to presentations and…

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Yea God!

Truths by Ruth


On my way to lunch the other day I cut down a back street to avoid traffic. The sun was shining. A soft breeze blew. It was one of those magical fall days that I love so well. Perfect weather. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right. I glanced over into a manicured yard and saw a huge tree dressed in its best fall coat of brilliant red. The sun hit the leaves and the whole tree dazzled in fire. Totally awesome. I stopped the car in the middle of the street, sat there, and drank in the beauty. It was one of those, stop and smell the roses, moment.

I asked God some questions: Did you really plan all of this when you made the world? How and why did you determine, “well in summer my trees will be green but in the fall I’ll change them into…

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Doobies and Bumper Cars

Truths by Ruth


Often I get together with my ex for dinner and a movie. He always watches the news, something I try to avoid at all costs. I refuse to listen and watch all the murders, rapes, war, politics, and all the other destructive energy being reported. No wonder the world sucks. Twenty-four hours a day we are bombarded with this negativity. I can’t control what the news reports, but I can me, therefore I don’t watch. However it’s my ex’s house and TV so I sat on the couch and shook my head at the nonsense mankind wallows in. That’s when it hit me.

I turned to my ex and said, “I think the world would be a far better place if everyone was stoned.”

He laughed.

I continued.

“Think about it,” I said. “There would be no more war. No murders. No rapes. Everyone would be in eternal peace and…

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Louisiana Swamp Smackdown

Truths by Ruth


Here is my fourth picture from my new book, Daughter of the Howling Moon. I call it Lousianna Swamp Smackdown.

According to Lady Tabitha, “Evil often times takes the shape of a dragon.” A fact that Benjamin Sol knows only too well. Tricked by the devil, Benjamin is lured into the shadow land between the dead and living. Attacked by the Beast of Revelation, desperate, alone, fighting for his life and soul, Benjamin cries out to the angels.

Angels always answer the call for help. But not all have halos and wings.

Some have fangs and claws and own the night as a black jaguar.

Deep in the swamps of Louisiana a mighty evil walks. It’s the age ol’ battle between good and evil. Which be the more powerful?

Daughter of the Howling Moon. Coming soon from RH Burkett and Pen-L Publishing.

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Painting My Words

Truths by Ruth


I’m sure all you writers out there have heard the old saying, “writing is painting with words.” How true. I even teach this in my presentation, “Adding Bling.” I love to take plain sentences and dress them up. For example: Plain: It was a full moon. Dressed up: The moon hung like a giant sugar cookie in the inky sky. Get the idea? And the more outside the box I can get, the better.

I just signed a contract with Pen-L Publishing for my third book, Daughter of the Howling Moon. Book covers are my passion. I believe a great book cover is the most important selling tool for any novel, and I’m really picky on what I want. So this time around I decided I would paint my own book cover. I mean, how hard could it be? Mama was a commercial artist and worked for Hallmark Cards…

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Ode to the Howling Moon

Truths by Ruth

greg's moon

What is it about the moon that holds me so?
Sparks my innards and touches the soul?
Deep in the wilds as a jaguar I did growl
And ran with wind, free to howl.

I feel kinship to this silver orb shining in the inky sky.
It boils the blood and makes me itch to fly
On backs of dragons. Or Unicorns. Or broomsticks
As a black cat on the end who hisses and spits.

Orange, with purple and red swirls.
Heavenly light so close to the earth.
This be my calling. My purpose for birth.
For a Howling Moon its been said
Frees the spirits and redeems the dead.

A Howling Moon so beautiful it bubbles the blood
Makes me stand in its magic light so full.
So powerful, I surrender to its pull
To draw the circle, cast the spell
And write the story that only I, Bethany…

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All great writers channel.

Tarot by Ruth

Cayce Edgar Cayce

What is channeling? Very simply put, channeling is receiving messages from a higher connection. A person usually goes into a trace state and relays information received from another, higher source.

Edgar Cayce, aka the Sleeping Prophet, is about the most famous channeler out there. While in a hypnotic trance he would predict such things as wars, healing, Atlantis, reincarnation, the Akashic records, and the end of the world.

If you recall the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore, Woopie Goldberg’s character channeled the ghost of Patick Swayze’s character. At one point, she allowed Patrick to enter her body so that he could speak and react directly with Demi Moore’s character.

Pretty cool stuff. Right?

When I started my spiritual journey I wanted to channel and was pissed off royalty that I couldn’t. Here again, I was making something hard out of something easy. I went to…

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Big Foot Pam & Dixie Dandelion Ride Again

lone ranger 1

This coming weekend, June 28 and 29, Pam and I are hitting the trail to St. Louis. Pam is speaking at Saturday Writers. After this, she and I will be doing book signings at: All on the Same Page bookstore (great name for a book store) on Friday from 3-5 and on Saturday we will be at The Book House from 3-5.  I’ll be doing tarot readings at The Book House and am charged up over that.

I think there is a saying about the destination isn’t important, it’s the journey that counts. This isn’t the first road trip Pam and I have taken together, and I can testify the journey is always an adventure. Pam and her GPS are joined at the hip. This relationship can, and has, caused some challenges to say the least.

One of the main problems is we get to talking and laughing and don’t hear what that monotone lady on that-there dee-vise is saying. They need to make one that screams at you. “Shut up! Turn here, stupid!

Another problem, or challenge, is when we get off the beaten path to make a pit stop. I swear to God, I held my pee all the way from the Oklahoma State line to Oklahoma City because we couldn’t find a place to pull over that agreed with the GPS. Coming home we stopped to get gas in what had to be the worst part of this little town. No kidding, I took the credit card and stood with the cashier, who happened to be in a store with bars on the windows while Pam struggled with the gas pump.The attendent finally had to go out and help Pam which left me in the store wondering who was going to rob it first, the bag lady or the punked out, hoodie guy. It took forever to pump the gas but only seconds for Pam and I to burn rubber out that place.

Now, you would think these little mini-adventures would stress us out. And they do. At the time But. We get tickled and start to laugh. And that is the best thing about riding shotgun with Big Foot Pam.

If I were driving, we’d die. GPS or not. We would just die. I zone out behind the wheel. Honest to God, I’m a looney-tune when I drive. I know that about myself which is why I don’t drive on long road trips. So, I am forever grateful to Pam or Jan, Patty or Linda for taking the reins Besides, these little happenings along the way make for priceless memories and wonderful blog posts.

This year has been kinda rough for the Sisterhood. Life got in our way. All of us are busy facing challenges that have kept the five of us apart. We hate it.There are events in the works that will unite us and the Sisterhood will ride again however. Until then, we do what we must.

I can’t wait for this weekend. The Lone Ranger had Tonto. Tonto had the Lone Ranger. Big Foot Pam and I have each other.

Missouri is the “show me state.” So look out, St Louis. Here comes Big Foot and Dixie.


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Truths by Ruth


Book of the Year!


March 2011, my dream of becoming a published author came true.  November 2012 Soldiers From the Mist was voted Book of The Year by the Ozark Writers League in Branson, Missouri.

Soldiers From theMist is a ghost story, love story, and an adventure all rolled into one.  The story was told to me by the ghost of a Civil War soldier that haunted my house.  Soldiers is a story that centers around the power of three:   “Three men.  Three promises–two were broken; one should have been. Thirty-five souls are trapped for eternity because of those promises. These souls wait and search for the fourth promise that will set them free.”

Dusty Richards, winner of the 2010 Wrangler Book Award, two Spur Awards, and over 100 published books to his name, says this about my book:  “Frown, laugh and cry. Ruth has them all between these…

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